Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sex Encounter With Cousin And Niece

Hello ISS readers- my name is Nabeel and I live in Islamabad Pakistan. I am a regular ISS reader and really enjoy it a lot. The reason behind this may be because of few incidents accrued in my life. I want to share my first incident that took place in 2008. Though this was not the only encounter but this was very special and unexpected. I am now 36 and have a slim girly physique that makes me a bit more attractive to women and girls and I have been enjoying it for a long time. Let’s begin the incident.
One of my first cousins (uncle’s daughter) was in love with me for a long time but I never gave attention to her. Her name is Mehwish and she lives in our village in Kohat. She tried her level best to engage me but I never paid attention to her and always dealt her like my other cousins- though I knew that she was in true love with me. She used to share funny messages and jokes with me.
Time passes and I felt that her message timings getting late and late. She would make different excuses to exchange messages with me. We never talked dirty. Since her message timings were late in the night, one night when I was watching a blue movie and was extremely horny. I got a text message on my cell. When checked, it was my cousin again, asking me if I was not sleeping. I was already very hot.
First I thought to respond her like normal but I then thought to check if she would like to talk dirty at this late hour. I text her back and told her that I am watching a movie. She asked what movie I was watching- I replied a blue movie. To my shock, she immediately asked what kind? I told her that a guy is fucking a girl in all three holes. She said you must be enjoying yourself then. It was like a blast for me. It means she knows many things.
Anyways, I started similar conversation and asked what she does when she feels horny. She straight away text me that she does masturbation. I asked how many times in a week. She said almost daily except for her periods. It was an amazing invention and unexpected success for me. Days were passing and we became more open for each other. Then she started regular text messages in late nights. She would masturbate during the text messages.
Our only problem was that we were living far away. During our discussions, she committed that she would have sex with me. She was fond of blowjob and drilling in all holes. One once told me that she likes to have sex with girls as well. Since we were very open, I asked which friend she would like to have sex with. She suddenly said Saima. I was again in deep shock by hearing this name. Saima was my niece (my step sister’s daughter)
She was 18 years old and has perfect bulky figures. I also knew that Saima was her best friend. I asked her if she has already had a sexual encounter with Saima but she didn’t admit it. But she told me that Saima also masturbates a lot as she is also hot like a bitch and like to be fucked all day. Our sexual text messages and masturbation were continued. In Oct. 2008, my nephew’s (Saima’s elder brother) wedding was taking place in Kohat.
I took few days off from my office and went to Kohat to participate in it. When I reached my sister’s house in Kohat, I found that Mehwish was already there to help my sister’s family in wedding preparations. Our last conversation about my niece (Saima) and her sex desires took place a day before my arrival to Kohat. So it means that last night, when I and Mehwish were talking about my niece, they both were actually together in same room and most probably in same bed.
I understood that Saima has seen our conversation and now she knows that I may fuck Mehwish during her brother’s wedding. Both the girl were giving me naughty smiles but it was very embarrassment for me that my niece also got to know how dirty mind I had. Anyways- that first night, when all went to beds in my sister’s house- my routine text messages with my cousin started. Meh wish told me that she is with Saima in same room, but not in same bed.
I asked if Saima knows about our dirty openness, but she said No. I didn’t say anything but had doubt that this hot bitch would have told our story to my niece. Anyways I asked if she could meet me after all the family asleep. She also wanted to meet me that night but couldn’t manage, as many family members were awaken till late night. The second day, I saw both the girls were giggling all day and would give me strange looks.
As night arrived- all the family members went to their beds. Tonight was another chance for us to meet and fulfill our sexual desires. I was unable to sleep as my cock was hard all night. I also jerked off while thinking about Mehwish in her sexy ass and blown on her face. At 2 am, I received a text message from Mehwish- she was sleeping with other ladies in the basement. She was checking if was still awaken.
I responded her in positive and asked her if she can meet me at roof top. She told me to come to the roof after 15 minutes. It was my day I knew it. Friends I went to roof top and as expected found Mehwish there. She hugged me tight and rubbed her body against mine for a few minutes. I was already stimulated and started French kissing. She was responding well.
We did this for next ten minutes. I was also playing with her tits during the kissing session. I felt that she was now out of control and would do whatever I want! I moved my lips to her breasts and slipped my left hand in her trouser. She was very wet that made me more aroused. I asked her if she removes her clothes. Since it was night, she did it without any hesitation. I can see figures now. I liked her body but her ass was stunning.
She bended in doggy style and both her holes were in front of my face. I touched her cunt with my tongue that aroused her. I understood she liked it. I started sucking her wet pussy and moved my tongue to her asshole. By doing this, she started moving her ass against my face up and down. I stretched her butts and almost inserted half of my tongues in her ass while she was finger fucking her pussy. We did this for about 15 minutes and she discharged on my face twice.
She asked if she can take my dick in her mouth. I happily agreed and presented my 7 inches long for her service. She started playing with it and took it in mouth. To my surprise she took it almost all till her throat. She was sucking it like a whore. I can’t express the feeling I had at that moment. I was about to cum and told her where to discharge. She said that she wants to taste and eat my cum. I exploded in her mouth and she drank it all.
We were exhausted and laid on the floor for half an hour. After that she asked if I can fill her holes. Okie-dokie I said. She again took my half-dead cock in her mouth and started to harden my tool. After a few minutes, my little cock was again became a monster for her. This time, she came on my belly and entered my seven-inches in her already wet pussy and started moving up and down. Her jerks were becoming faster and faster. Since this was my 3rd time at that night, I was in no mood to discharge soon.
I enjoyed her at my top for about ten minutes and then asked to that I want to ride you now. She came down of my belly and lay besides me. I put her legs at my shoulders and entered the whole tool in fist yank. This time her moans were louder then before. We were breathing fast and sweating. She pulled me back and turned around in doggy style. This time she moved her hand between her thighs and holds my dick and guided it into her ass.
Wow! I was getting whatever I wanted to do with her. This was a bit harder. We both tried for a few minutes to enter my dick in her tight asshole. At last, I was succeeded and the hat was entered. I slowly started moving and became faster in few minutes. ohhhhh man this gave us the greatest feeling of our entire life. We fucked for almost 30 minutes this time. I came in her ass finally. It was 4 in the morning.
I put the clothes on and silently came down stairs and went to our beds in different rooms.The next day, she met me and asked how I felt. I told that I can’t wait for the night so if she can meet me somewhere in privacy, as there were a lot of other guests that day. At 3 pm, I received a text from her to see her in my nephews’ room. This room was empty and was kept locked.
The only key of the room was in my nieces’ custody- this I knew. I managed to reach the room as I was told. I text her to open the door and the door was open and she welcomed me with a long kiss and then she asked to me go to the bathroom and lock the door as she wants to give me a surprise. I didn’t understand but still I went to the bathroom and locked the door. I put my ear at the door to listen whats going on!
After sometime, I heard that there is someone entered the room. Since Mehwish was already there- I tried to recognize the second voice. It was my niece and her best friend. I said shit- WTF! Then there was a silence for sometime. After about five minutes- I received a text it was my whore cousin’s- asking me to quietly come out of the washroom. I came out immediately and saw an unexpected scene which I never imagined.
I found my nude niece in doggy style and Mehwish was licking her asshole and fingering her shaved pussy. I quietly came near to the bed and start observing, as it seemed a dream. I was watching my cousin and niece completely naked and fucking like bitches. Mehwish asked Saima to look up and see who is here. She turned her face around and saw me. She was a bit embarrassed in first look but didn’t stop or changed doggy position.
I went near to my niece who was still enjoying my cousins’ tongue in her pussy and asshole. Her pussy was dripping and she moaning likes a whore. When she found me near, she caught my dick and pulled my trouser down. My dick was already in ready position- she started sucking it gently. Gosh- it was wonderful. We three were totally naked in few minutes. Mehwish stopped licking her and asked me to fuck Saima in her ass.
Saima already wetted my cock and she was still in doggy position. I put my dick in her asshole while Mehwish guided it in the exact place. My dick slipped into her ass smoothly. I started fucking her ass like whores- while I forgot that she was m niece. Mehwish in the meantime reached my niece’s face and start rubbing her pussy against her face. We did it for about ten minutes and then changed the position. This time,
Mehwish lay down and guided my tool into her wet pussy. My niece came to me and started rubbing her ass at my face. Friends- this was amazing I was fucking two bitches at same time. My dick was in Mehwish pussy and my tongue was fucking mu niece’s ass. My niece speed up her rubbing against my face and cum at me face. Her juices were delicious and my face was all filled with that. I was also about to cum and asked Mehwish where to empty my load.
Face, she said. It was my climax- I pulled out my dick and started masturbation both the bitches kneeled in my front and opened their mouths. I discharged my entire load at their faces. They sucked each others face and licked all my liquid. Oh man- I still don’t believe it was true but I really happened. We quickly put on our clothes and caught our ways. Later that night both the bitches met me at roof and we spent the whole night naked and fucked each other several times and talked a lot about each others desires.
They told me that they both have been in lesbian relation for a long time but now wanted to perform threesome and see how it feels. We spent the whole night together and went to beds in the morning. Friends- I want to hear your feedback on this unexpected and unintentional incident. Both the bitches are married now. There are a lot to tell you about my other encounters, but first I want to know if you guys liked it. All girls and women are welcome to email/contact me in Islamabad area email is
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